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6 Most Popular Ways To Use Kiln Dried Logs In Summer

#1 Woodfired Pizza

Summer is when the woodfired pizza season takes off, this includes woodfired pizza ovens in home gardens and outdoor catering companies selling pizza at events, festivals and weddings.

Kiln-dried ash is often the wood of choice for woodfired pizza, that’s because it’s a naturally dry wood and provides a clean burn with a high heat.

#2 Campfire

Camping, glamping and staying in Sheppard’s huts or wood lodges are becoming ever more popular as UK holiday options. A campfire is fun and keeps you warm on chilly evenings. Pheasant offers a Log Box, that provides all the elements needed to get a campfire started, this includes natural firelighters, kindling and kiln-dried logs.

#3 Fire pit

Fire pits are an increasingly popular feature in the garden. People like to use kiln-dried logs because they are easy to burn and produce very little smoke.

#4 Chimeneas

Chimeneas can be used to create warmth in the evening or as a BBQ, most standard sized Chimeneas will take kiln-dried logs.

#5 BBQ

Some large BBQs use logs instead of coal and also woodfired BBQs are available, these look similar to a fire pit, but they have a wire rack to cook food on.

#6 Woodburner

It’s not warm every day during British summer so customers still buy kiln-dried logs for their wood burner or fire place in the summer, they just use a lot less.

Happy family BBQ

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