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Enjoy Summer With a Heavy Duty Wooden Gazebo

With summer upon us, it’s the perfect time to put up a wooden gazebo frame in the garden. This timber frame kit from Pheasant arrives ready to put up wherever it’s needed in the garden.

The heavy duty wooden gazebo kit can be used as a garden shelter for a patio, BBQ or hot tub area or even a carport/timber frame garage.

The treated frame kit is 2.7m x 2.5m with oak plugs. Once the frame is constructed you may wish to add your own cover material as part of your project.

This wooden gazebo kit has a 10 day turnaround for delivery. To order simply place your order online or call 01280 825 778, to talk over your garden project.

The heavy duty wooden gazebo kits are delivered across the UK, with all the wooden parts needed to construct the timber frame kit.

Full telephone support for your order is available 8-5pm Mon-Fri


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