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BBQ Shelter Ideas – Wooden, Pop-Up, Kit-Form, Home Made, Etc

With many timber buildings available for gardens that seemingly offer the same purpose, it may be a challenge in deciding what the best BBQ shelter is for you.

So, what are the options? In short, the most popular variations are Wooden, Metal, and ‘Pop-up’ Gazebo-Style shelters.

BBQ Shelters – 5 Key Considerations

To start with, it may be beneficial to answer the following questions to help narrow your choice.

  1. How big is the BBQ you are trying to cover?
  2. How often do you plan to use your BBQ during the on and off-seasons?
  3. Are you looking for a BBQ shelter that allows multiple people to stand under the canopy out of the elements?
  4. Will the design of your shelter require it to be strapped down in the event of severe weather?
  5. Are you interested more in functionality or design?

The Main Types of BBQ Shelter

Moving on to look at various structures, we have listed three of the most common types of BBQ shelters and a brief look at some of the pros and cons of each.

Metal and Fabric Gazebo BBQ Shelters

BBQ Shelter

This type of gazebo (typical style shown in the above image) can be used as a BBQ shelter and will feature a fabric roof that is already treated to be fire resistant and waterproof. Metal supports hold the structure in place.

Sleek and modern lookNon-traditional look
Easy to cleanLight duty – unstable in windy weather
 Limited lifespan – prone to rusting


Wooden Gazebo BBQ Shelters

Wooden BBQ Shelter

Using wooden self build gazebo kits for your BBQ shelter gives you a solid structure that is going nowhere whatever the weather!

Aesthetically pleasingWill require initial and ongoing care if the wood is not treated
TraditionalRequires a permanent location
Aesthetically versatile in any garden 
Heavy duty 
Long-lasting (if correctly treated or hardwood timbers are used) 

There are three main options when creating a wooden gazebo:

  1. DIY, you design, buy all the relevant timber and materials and build from scratch – the time consuming but fun option
  2. Ready-Made, you buy from a supplier and have them carry out the full installation – the expensive but professional option
  3. Kit Form, you purchase the wooden BBQ shelter in kit form and build it yourself – the best of both worlds – low cost, self-build gazebo kits, with fast assembly, and the sturdy professional end product

The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Wooden BBQ Shelters

DIYUnlimited design optionsRequires skill and experience
True DIY projectPotential cost loss risk
Freedom to create to suit your needs exactlyLong project build time
The fastest route to the finished productSubject to supplier lead times and other supply chain issues
Kit FormAlready made to measureRequires some DIY skill
Less expensiveDoes still require some assembly time
No cost low risk 
Satisfying DIY project

Pop-Up Plastic and Metal Shelters

Metal BBQ Shelter

Normally a pop-up plastic and metal shelter features a fabric roof that is pre-treated to be fire resistant and waterproof. Again metal supports hold the structure in place, but it is overall a lightweight and mobile option for when you need a barbeque shelter. To be put up and taken down as and when its use is needed – hence the term ‘pop-up’.

Quick assemblyTemporary
Versatile for ‘mobile’ locationsFragile in poor (windy) weather
Great for a day out by the sea! 

The Pheasant Range of Wooden Barbecue Shelters

Pheasant’s own traditional product range consists of kits like the Oak BBQ Gazebo Shelter, The BBQ Hut or The CUBE.  The CUBE is available with add-ons like a drinks bar that prove very versatile and ideal for a classic, focal BBQ area that will be the talk of your neighbourhood. Thinking you might need rustic garden furniture? Our range is always expanding.

  • Wooden Pergola 3M x 3M

    THE CUBE – BESPOKE – Wooden Pergola Kit

    Select options
  • Timber Garden Buildings

    Wooden Gazebo Kit – Great BBQ Shelter or Hot Tub Canopy

    Select options

Looking at fuel options for your BBQ?

Kiln Dried Logs

New government rules have come into force from May 1st, 2021, regarding the sale of firewood and logs. The ruling means that all log sellers: supermarkets, petrol stations, DIY stores and larger fuel suppliers, will only be able to sell bags or nets of logs which are ‘Ready To Burn

Kiln-dried logs are a perfect BBQ fuel alternative to coal.

Kiln-dried logs guarantee:

  • Less Smoke – It is moisture in the wood that causes the smoke, the more moisture the more smoke.
  • Hotter Flame – Again, moisture in the wood takes all the energy (heat) from the fire in an attempt to dry the wood out.

Both the above are resolved with Kind Dried Logs and result in:

  • Longer Burn time
  • Stronger Flavour

For all your kiln-dried log fuel needs look no further than Ashby Logs.

And… don’t forget your log store(s) to house those kiln-dried beauties!

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