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Firewood Milton Keynes

As the weather cools there is nothing to quite beat a cosy open fire or log-burning stove for the flicker and atmosphere in the evenings as rain or sleet hits the windows!

At Pheasant, we are specialist suppliers of efficient firewood and kiln-dried logs for fast delivery in Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, and High Wycombe from our base in Buckinghamshire.

The kiln-dried ash and birch hardwood logs have been processed in a kiln so as to be guaranteed as less than 20% moisture content.

We constantly monitor this across all our autumn and winter firewood stock as it is important for a few reasons set out here:

  • They are faster to light and give a hotter burn temperature, in a word, efficiency and convenience is assured.
  • All insects and larvae are killed off in the kiln so you will not be dragging nasties indoors with your firewood.
  • With air-seasoned logs, you have the possibility of higher moisture wasting energy, steaming, and smoking and possibly causing a chimney fire.

Clean burning professional hardwood logs that have been kiln-dried won’t blacken your stove’s window and they emit less pollution while giving that unmatched theatre of flames and warmth – all you need is hot chocolate and marshmallows!

Our firewood logs offering for the Milton Keynes area also extends nationwide; if you have relatives in Devon, Lancashire, or Scotland, we can help with prompt delivery!

Indeed, you can save hundreds of pounds on your logs with our range of ‘Subscribe and Save’ promotions to purchase at a budget that suits you and also not run out of stock.

Discover our range of firelighters, kindling, wood, and wooden log stores so that firewood keeps dry and well-aired by browsing this website or calling us on 01280 825766

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