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What Is The Best Wood Store For Logs?

What Is The Best Wood Store For Logs?

Choosing the best wood store for logs is not always easy but the right one gives you a long-lasting firewood store. The wrong choice of log store will either clash with your setting, lack the needed capacity, or leave your logs exposed to the elements, you want to be able to accommodate a good quantity of seasoning logs.

Damp logs are a pain; not only is lighting difficult, but extra carbon on chimneys increases the risk of chimney fires. The government is taking aim at any fuel that causes harmful emissions, so it is even more vital to have both kiln-dried logs and air-dried logs in good storage.

Wood store for logs with the design drawing dimensions being shown
Log store with roof

More and more log-burning stoves, open fires, chimeneas and fire bowls are in use all over the UK, and we seem to still have an affinity with the primaeval concept of fire. The tang of wood smoke helps us to chill out near stoves, chimeneas, and fire bowls using more logs the question of log storage is important.

The best wooden log store designs can be a valuable visual asset to your outdoor space, but most would agree that the use of plastic, bitumen, or metal, is less aesthetically pleasing than wood. Our own wooden log stores are rustic in design, made from treated timber, with a raised base and slatted sides to ensure correct ventilation for firewood.

These are not the biggest item in your garden, but they lend as elegant ‘countryside’ style. You can choose from, forward or backwards pitched roofs, slatted or trellised sides, and if you want, even doors.

What is pressure treatment for timber?

This is a process that takes place in what looks like a huge autoclave or pressure cooker tunnel where treatment is forced deep into the pores of the timber under pressure to stop it from rotting. All log stores from Pheasant are pressure treated as standard.

When is a large log store better?

Green logs often have more than 50% moisture content so seasoning for 12 months or more before they are ready to burn is the norm. Anything with over 20% moisture should not be burnt. As birch logs have become more popular you want to buy in bulk for the best price. If possible, then, it is better to have a wooden log store that is on the large side.

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